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Why using PayPal Tracking Autopilot for your Shopify store?

Lower rolling reserve rate

Impact: extreme risk

Up to 80% of your income via Paypal is reserved for up to 180 days

If too less information (tracking data) is provided, PayPal may apply a reserve to your account. By adding tracking information, you can improve your account's track record - and reduce (or even remove) the amount of the reserve.

Learn more about PayPal's account reserves

PayPal's Seller Protection

Impact: high risk

You have no protection through Paypal.

PayPal's seller protection program minimizes claims and chargebacks and helps prevent fraud. Adding tracking information is an important mandatory prerequisite and requirement to qualify for this protection service. Paypal will be able to work with you much better.

Learn more about seller protection at PayPal

Funds released in days, not weeks

impact: extreme risk

It takes up to 21 days to get your money.

In the event of a rapid increase in sales or in the event of a dispute or chargeback, PayPal will hold your payments for up to 21 days to protect buyers. You can avoid this by adding tracking information.

Learn more about getting my money sooner

Less chargebacks, disputes & refunds

impact: extreme risk

You will lose all disputes.

Customers often request refunds, file disputes or even chargebacks. By providing your customers with valid tracking information via PayPal, you will win many more cases!

Learn more about managing customer concerns

Win PayPal's Trust

impact: extreme risk

Your account can be blocked.

Dropshipping is a risky business model for almost every payment provider, so the risk of using account reserves is higher than for others. The trust between you as a seller and Paypal is very important. Paypal will trust you a lot more when you have all the data stored.

Learn more about PayPal funds access

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Install PayPal Tracking Autopilot to your Shopify store and get 50 tracking updates free each month

How It Works?

Engage PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify

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Every time you update an order or mark it as fulfilled, your Shopify store notifies us immediately. You can enter it manually or with any application like Oberlo, Dropified, MassFulfill, CustomCat, Printfull, Teespring or any other app.

Within seconds the PayPal Tracking autopilot starts automatically!

Best choice for dropshippers

Dropshipping is a high-risk business model for nearly every payment provider, hence, the risk of having account reserves applied are higher than in others. Save your business and avoid account reserves.

Install PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify now

Best Features

PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify | the easy solution: "The easiest way to save time and decrease financial risks."

100% Automatic

No more manual operations. The PayPal Tracking Autopilot works fully automatically and transmits your shipping data from Shopify to PayPal.


You update your Shopify shop and all tracking information is transferred to PayPal within 10 minutes max. Thousands of satisfied customers a day.


The Shopify app and the app dashboard give you always a complete overview over the sync state. Additionally a note will be added to every PayPal order.

Best Price

Fully automatic updates start at $0.07 each. Try the free installation and get 50 free updates every month for testing.

You are an Entrepreneur, not an Employee!

Ever updated more than 50 tracking information on PayPal? Then you know, don't do it again and let someone else do it.

Save time and install PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify now!

Pricing Plan

PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify offers you exactly the right price model for your needs. It scales with you (up- and downgrade anytime)!

FREE $0.00*
  • $0 monthly fee
  • 50 updates free each month
  • No additional updates
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  • $0 monthly fee
  • 50 updates free each month
  • Each additional $0.13*


  • $49 monthly fee
  • 500 updates included
  • Each additional $0.11*


  • $89 monthly fee
  • 1.000 updates included
  • Each additional $0.09*
*Price per PayPal tracking update

Support from various logistics providers

We support the use of all common delivery services. It does not matter which logistics company you work with. The autopilot does the work. We have created a service that creates a perfect mapping from Shopify to PayPal.

carriers TNT USPS Australia Post Royal Mail FedEx Canada Post SF Express 4px DHL postnl la poste China post YANWEN EMS UPS correos Deutsche Post supported by PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify

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