Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

From the first order! It is important to build trust with Paypal and the customers from the beginning!

Start with the PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify from the first order without any costs! We want to make it easy for you to set up and try out the shop!

The installation is free!

Every month you have the possibility to get 50 PayPal tracking updates for free!

There are no more excuses! :)

You probably already know the answer! Or are you affected by it?

PayPal cannot assess whether you are doing serious business without this information. Without tracking data the risk for you is classified as VERY HIGH RISK.

The consequences are catastrophic for you. Paypal will reserve a part of your earnings and will not pay out. We have already seen rolling reserves of 80% with a period up to 120 days!

This can lead to you being unable to pay your suppliers and having to give up the business.

Of course without tracking infos it is also not possible to win disputes! In the doubt you will lose all cases. Even if you add the tracking infos of exactly these cases, Paypal does not have much confidence in you and will often decide for the customer.

You can avoid all this by doing honest business!

Transfer all tracking information and PayPal will trust you! PayPal can track where the shipments are and will see that everything is ok! This will create no or very low reserves and you can access your money! Also account suspensions are almost impossible.

Shopify has updated the requirements for App Store listing. Apps that are " Payment Gateways that add functionality to an existing gateway or modify an existing gateway" will no longer be listed.

As a direct result, PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify joins the ranks of ClickFunnels, Carthook, Bold's Cashier and Zipify's OCU (One Click Upsell), apps that live and thrive outside the Shopify App Store.

What's changing?

The only thing that changes is that you need to install PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify here through our site. It's easy and takes just a few minutes.


That is very easy and straight forward. Simply click on Free Install and follow the instructions. Only two clicks needed to engage the PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify.

You have to enter your Shopify shop name and after clicking on free install you will be redirected to Shopify to confirm the installation. Everything is done!

Usually the installation is completed in less than 5 minutes and the autopilot starts! Even very large amounts of data (> 10,000 tracking data) are then transferred in a few minutes.

From now on PayPal will build up much more trust and you save a lot of time!


As soon as you enter tracking data in your shop (manually, or automatically with various solutions such as Oberlo or Massfullfill), PayPal Tracking Autopilot recognizes this. The tracking data is then transferred fully automatically to paypal. This happens very fast. Usually it takes 1-2 minutes. If you enter a large amount of tracking data at the same time (> 1000), it can take up to several minutes.

During this time the autopilot is working and you can focus on important things.

The data is transferred at lightning speed! :D The PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify recognizes new data immediately and transfers it to Paypal in a few seconds. Usually information will be completely transferred in 1-2 minutes. If you are very successful and transfer more than 1000 tracking data simultaneously, it can take up several minutes.

Funfact: Even with large amounts of data we usually need less than one second per tracking info for the data transfer.

A clear: YES! - we support every app (e.g., Oerlo, Massfullfill, Dropify etc.) - it is up to you. Whenever tracking information is entered into your Shopify shop, PayPal Tracking Autopilot transfer it to PayPal.

All you have to do is to install and engage the PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify. And then? You can sit back and relax!

It is possible to transfer the transactions of the last 60 days. It does not matter how many orders have been placed in that time.

You have two choices:

  • standard - After the installation of PayPal Tracking Autopilot all NEW tracking data will be transmitted. All old ones are ignored.
  • extended - In the app you can set whether old tracking information should also be transferred or not. Here you can manually set any time period (up to 60 days back).

You should always be transparent to Paypal and especially to your customers. However, there may be cases in which it is necessary to perform a mapping. In many cases ePacket deliveries are done with USPS. In order to enable your customers to track and to display the "last mile" in a useful way, you can set a default value. This means that you can change a specific logistician into a logistician of your choice. Please remember: It is always useful to do this already in the shop!

You can see in each order if the data has been transferred. In the notes section you will find all information about the transfer of the data. Here you can see exactly when the data was transferred. There you can also see exactly which data was entered. You have 100% transparency and do not have to switch to paypal.

Even if you have to - PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify links you directly from your order to the transaction page on PayPal.

You can configure in the app whether the customer should automatically receive a mail or not.

All orders with tracking information are of course transmitted to PayPal. If there is no tracking data, we can not transmit anything. If you add data later, it will be transferred at a later time.


We get no direct access to your PayPal account. We only work with a PayPal API key and only transmit encrypted tracking information. Nobody has ever access to your account!

Furthermore, PayPal API KEY and secret are saved encrypted.

Data transmission is completely end-to-end encrypted (SSL).

Furthermore, PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify complies 100% with OAuth2 requirements from Shopify and PayPal incl. data validation for authenticity and authentication.

In difference to other solutions, your data is not given to any human operator. Therefore, nobody has ever access to your shop or to your Paypal. Our system is designed for maximum security for you!

PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify fully GDPR compliant. Within the context of the GDPR, the PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify is considered a data processor. No personal information will be saved or processed.

Each transmission is secured.

For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Nobody has access to your data! We do not give the data to anyone for processing. The data will be transferred encrypted by us from Shopify to PayPal. There is no manual intervention. This ensures maximum security.

NO - and we do not need it! And you should not give any person access without any security measures. Hence, PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify is using a complete secured access to PayPal via PayPal security measures.


Each order paid with PayPal has a unique PayPal transaction id. For each order item in an order you should provide tracking information. This tracking information is also delivered to PayPal. All tracking information of an order is written to PayPal.

But don't worry, we only charge per PayPal transaction, regardless of the number of items and partial deliveries.

The installation is free of charge! Every month you can transfer up to 50 tracking updates for free. PayPal Tracking Autopilot for Shopify scales with you and your business. Hence, it is perfect to start your business and be a trusted Paypal partner at the same time.

But especially advanced merchants benefit from our low prices and the extremely fast data transfer.

Learn more about pricing

It's so easy. As a Shopify shop merchant you will be invoiced by your trusted partner Shopify.

And remember 50 tracking updates are for free each month.

If you grow a little larger, just use our real PAY-PER-USE offer.

You have the possibility to reduce the per PayPal tracking update price massively by buying monthly packages.

Up- & Downgrades are possible everytime.

Depending on the model, you pay a fixed amount and have a fixed number of autopilot transactions included. Additional tracking updates will be charged with a price per update.

Example: You have the package with 49$ monthly fee. Then you have 550 tracking information included. After that you will be charged $0.13 per additional tracking update.

Note: we charge per PayPal transaction, no matter how many items are ordered in one order. All tracking information per order item in one order is synchronized, but not charged.

You can always see the consumption in the overview of the app. We will also inform you by mail about 50% and 75% consumption. You then have the possibility to change the plan.

The billing is 100% transparent via Shopify.

We assume that you will take your hands off the wheel and let the autopilot work. If Paypal already has data (this can only be the case with old ones), it will be updated by the tracking autopilot.